Monday, July 6, 2009

Update :)

Today the Playmill cast went to David Walker's families house in Rigby and ate LOTS of food and threw our infamous dry ice bombs under the canal bridge. My dad, brother, and David purchased over $2,000 worth of fireworks this year that we will shortly be lighting off in our drive way. Life is good :)

Lately a lot has been happening at the Playmill. Yesterday we had 3 shows... yes... THREE MUSICALS IN ONE DAY! During "Footloose" yesterday the music decided to stop working during one of the huge ensemble numbers. The poor trio of girls on stage didn't know how to cover so they began adlibing praying the sound would come back on... it didn't for a good 5 minutes. So the ensemble entered and sang "Sombodies Eyes" in about 7 different keys. HUMILIATING! Then, during the third and final show of the day the entire lighting AND sound system decided to poop out. Yes.. Jessica Pearce and Eliza sat in the dark doing a scene until my father announced there were technical difficulties... It was an interesting night to say the least.
We need a new building SO SO BADLY! This one is just not cutting it anymore.

Jake gets home in 32 days... craziness. I can hardly wait. I keep imagining what will exactly happen when I see him for the first time off the plane. I think giving him a handshake will be the hardest thing I have ever done! I will just want to grab him and give him the biggest hug ever! Im so so excited. Im sure everyone around me is tired of hearing about this so I figure I will blog about it and people can read it if they are interested and if not they dont have to :)

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