Thursday, July 16, 2009


July 15th is the best day of the year! Yesterday I turned 19 :) craziness! In the morning I went to my room mates cabin and went boating. I attempted to get up on one water ski... however, it is a lot harder then it looks, so I decided to wake board instead. I got to lay out on the dock and I got a nice little sunburn line that hopefully I don't get fined for having during the shows :)

During the show that night my dad sang happy birthday to me on tape. We have a video of me being sang to on my birthday since the summer I was born. My parents tell me they are going to put all of them together for my wedding :) cute idea.

I of course got some great presents! There is a dress I have been looking at for a month now that my mother got for me. I also got a funky purse, another dress, some lotion and perfume, and some gift cards :) After the show my mom made us Angel food cake so we went to their house and ate and talked. All in all it was a very good day. Now I have to wait a whole other year to have the best day of the year again :(

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Our Family said...

Happy Birthday! I have to agree that birthdays are the best day of the whole year! Everyone else gets Christmas and the other holidays but only you get your birthday!