Friday, July 24, 2009

Sometimes I Don't Think Before I Do Things

There is a restaurant in the town of West Yellowstone called Sydney's Mountain Bistro. Its a cute little place with great food! They have a strawberry salad that has INCREDIBLE strawberry salad dressing that I could drink by the bottle full. This year a boy in the cast got a job cleaning dishes and clearing tables at Sydney's... so naturally I asked him for the recipe for this heavenly dressing... so after giong to the grocery store and spending $30.00 on the ingredients I began mixing it all together in my house mates blender. Because I had never used the blender before I began yanking and pulling at the glass pitcher holding my EIGHT cups of Vinegarette. After five minutes of yanking it finally came loose... WITHOUT THE BOTTOM PIECE! The entire pitcher of strawberry salad dressing exploded from the blender. I sat scrubbing the counter, carpet, and other kitchen appliances that were in the way of the blast for thirty minutes. It was all quite depressing. However, probably very funny to witness :)

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Our Family said...

You will have to post the recipe for the dressing. It sounds really good! I would be so sad if that had happened to me... I am so sorry. So did you end up making it all over again?