Thursday, July 2, 2009

Playmill Audience... Unlike Any Other!!

After our second show every night, the cast members all line the outside of the building and meet the audience. Some of the show goers find it necessary to give insulting compliments at this time... here are a few of my favorites!

1. A rather large women came through the line after "Footloose" and said to Jillian Wheeler, " Way to show um that us chubby girls can still shake it!"

2. Maddie Bodine has heard over and over that she looks just like a girl from last years cast... However she does not find this complimentary...

3. Creepy old man to Jillian, "You can really shimmy!"

4. To Critter, "You kinda look like a horse!"

5. An old woman shook my brother Sams hand and said, " Ah, honey are you alright? I was so worried about you the entire show! You look SO sick!"

6. A lady came through the line and shook Amanda's hand and said, "Your broach shines so much in the light!" Maddie, who was standing right next to them jokingly said, "What about my broach??" the woman replied, "Well honey, you're not on stage long enough to be able to tell if it shines or not."
7. I had a little "boy" come up to me in the line after Footloose... He shook my hand and then immediately said, "Just so you know Im actually a girl." I didn't know what to say so I replied with a "ok?" Then she came back and said," Oh, and my friends have all been arrested and we all cuss." WOW!

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