Tuesday, July 28, 2009


On Sunday my family and David Walker were fortunate enough to attend the JOURNEY CONCERT in Boise!!! We all piled into the car and after a brief argument about who would sit in the middle seats we hit the road. 6 1/2 hours in a cramped car is ridiculous and we soon grew irritated ;) We finally made it to Boise and we hit up Cheesecake Factory and the Mall!!! ( that is one thing I truly miss about Provo... CHEESECAKE FACTORY!)

After the mall we drove to the Taco Bell Arena on BSU campus. Our seats were awesome. just above the floor right in the middle. Right in front of us there was a 300 Pound women in a tube top dancing her heart out and her drunk husband screaming at the top of his lungs. That alone was worth the trip. The band "Heart" opened for Journey and they ROCKED THE HOUSE! They played for about an hour and did three encores! Finally Journey took the stage... WOW! thats all I can say... It was incredible. The new lead singer they have is even better then Steve Perry and is the most entertaining person to watch sing.

My brother Sam left the concert feeling inspired to become a rock star so we were sure to pick up his electric guitar on the way home. It was an amazing concert with the most entertaining crowd I have ever seen. I LOVED IT! I'm a Journey fan for life!

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carissandallas said...

hannah, so I was just thinking that you should totally update your blog now that your married, because I'd love to see what you're up to. think about it.