Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The West Yellowstone Bubble

Life at the Playmill is unlike life anywhere else... We have 23 people living in one house, a grease trap that stinks up the entire bottom level, five girls in one bathroom (including a mystery room mate who leaves hair clumps on the walls of the shower), two kitchens, and two love sacs. As if the living situation was not unusual enough... we are all theatre people who love drama, attention, and are at times unaware of the needs of otheres. I am woken up every morning by the sound of someone listening to their Footloose CDs trying to get their harmonies. Gotta love it!

Rehearsals begin promptly at 9 AM every morning with a lunch break from 12-1 and a precious two hour dinner break before our nightly show which currently begins at 7:30.
I don't remember the last time I was outside for more then the 5 minute walk to and from the theatre. Because of the tight living quarters and the lack of time spent away from the 23 other people performing, there is very little personal time available... everyone knows exactly what goes on in everyone elses lives. This week I have discovered just how hard it can be to live in West Yellowstone Montana.

I miss Provo. I never thought in a million years that I would actually miss P-town but I do! I mean the gift shops that sell the amazing grizzly bear and wolf t-shirts here in West Yellowstone are fantastic... but Wal*Mart is lookin pretty good right now. Civilization!

This time of the summer is always so hard to get through... We are rehearsing our third show "Secret Garden" right now and the 9:00 call seems to come earlier and earlier every morning! June 21st, our last day of rehersals, will never come!